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Mary Klein's Poetry

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“The poet's eye, in a fine frenzy rolling,

doth glance from heaven to Earth,

from Earth to heaven... (Shakespeare) 

Verses From a Swinging Hammock

#1. Swinging Hammock

The leaves were dancing with abandon.
A bird on the twig
Looks for something to land on!
A little worm on a leaf is his lunch.
Found it very difficult to munch.
The breeze died down
And all was quiet.
And the worm continued with his diet.

#2.  Swinging Hammock

My eyes are closed
But I know the sound.
There’s quite a bit of it around.
(We’re near the airport)
Can’t see the “birds”
But have learned their song.
They send it ahead but not very long.
If it’s headed home the song increases.
When it’s flying away the song soon ceases.


#3.  Swinging Hammock

Tree bark is a thing of wonder.
The patterns vary and I ponder
Some are etched in various ways 
And remind me of twisting mazes,
Some are smooth
Others patterned.
A different hue and different textures.
Each has its own I.D.
A lot like humans, You and Me.


#4.  Swinging Hammock

O, caterpillar, caterpillar

Hanging from a twig

Lookin’ for your lunch?

Something savory to munch?

That twig is not very tasty

So don’t be hasty.


Look, a tender brittle leaf

On that little bush below

Watcha waitin’ for?

Let go!


O, no, you missed the bush.

Did the wind come along

And give you a push?


Don’t despair

Just get some air.

Then try once more time.

(I’ve run out of rhyme!)

#5. Swinging Hammock            (October 2001)

A kaleidoscope of gold and green.
With autumn reds mixed in between.
What a picture to behold.
It means the air
Will soon be cold.
For a time it brings a “high”
But winter will come
And bring a sigh.

ONE SUMMER DAY    Summer of 1992
Written after a rest in the hammock on the shores of Lake Movil
Bemidji, MN


The Breeze blows warm beneath my swinging couch
Suspended between two poplar trees.
Broken clouds emboss the sky,
A sky so blue like no other blue!
Latent bits of fluff scurry past
To find companionship or security
Or what ever little clouds hurry to.

Occasionally a duck wings by
I hear a splash as he glides on to the water,
Then dives in search of food.
I also hear loons calling far and near.
A shiny bug explores my toes.
The warm breeze, swinging couch
Continue their seductive ways.
I drift away – a fantasy in space!

Suddenly and rudely I am disturbed!
A Minnesota free loader zeroes in on me!
With jets screaming and the gunner at ready!
I scramble to my feet to avoid the onslaught!
I flee as rapidly as my legs will tolerate.
And so ends another summer day.
O well, it’s time for tea, anyway.


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