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About the Artist

I am an artist that enjoys life in every iteration, interpreting it in a figurative and neo-impressionist style. The first piece in my repertoire was drawn on the cardboard that mother’s nylon stockings came wrapped around. It was 1958 and began an evolving worldview that has continued to capture both imagination and delight.

My portfolio contains original art driven by inspiration and produced by perspiration. Subjects provide motivation through a drive and fascination with the interplay of light and line. The shrewd eye will discern an interpretation of life overtaken by the unseen and a sense of beauty that exists outside the boundaries of accepted definitions.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. My gallery also contains pieces inspired by existing works in various mediums by other artists. My versions are an attempt to capture the style and statement of the basic essence and message of life offered in the original artist’s voice. The interplay of line and light presented in form, perspective, and design of creative artists are filtered through my eyes. 


Some portfolio pieces are pencil and paper, but most are digital pencil drawings or paintings. They are produced using a digitized screen and a digital pencil. 


Most of the portfolio focuses on portrait, landscape, and architectural subjects. My market is international, and it has been my honour to exhibit works in various venues such as Oxford UK,  Vienna Austria, and Brisbane Australia. My commissions have come from a dozen countries around the world. 

J.R. Klein, artist

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